We’re well aware that many of you have come here under the impression that we’ll be offering information on the Virtual Memory System, and you’re almost right. While we’re preparing our design and resources for the new site that will reside upon this domain, we figured that we’d try to offer some of the resources that might be attractive to visitors. So when you see something about the ‘original’ VMS website, that’s because it probably comes from there!

We’ve made it a point to preserve all of the original vmsone.com data for those of you who are still using links and bookmarks from several years ago, but we highly recommend that you move forward, as our website is almost ready to ‘go live’ and become the all-new vmsone.com!

We can’t stress enough that we’re not claiming any copyright or ownership over (or even much knowledge or familiarity with) the original VMS one content.

Our expertise is about developing e-commerce sites. We have built or consulted on lots of sites, but one of our favorites was not an e commerce site per se, but instead an information site about a doctor whose expertise was in sports medicine. He has been treating tennis elbow, elbow pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain in association with tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow for the past 25 years. He has worked with not only professional athletes but also high school and college age athletes. Such untreated conditions such as medial or lateral epicondylitis that are associated with wrist pain, Tennis elbow and shoulder pain can be career ending resulting in the loss of athletic scholarships, and most importantly in the loss of the individual athlete’s dreams of playing his / her favorite sport. Dr Physio also sells the three books he has written discussing his assessments, rehab, and exercises to help athletes with a variety of sports related injuries. One reason we were happy to work with Dr. Physio and his site is that several of us have suffered at one point or another from both golf and tennis related injuries and we want to exploit Dr Physio expertise. NOTE: He was great and offered several of us sound advice while telling us to set up an appointment to see him the next time we were in Las Vegas, where his offices are located.

Another was an e commerce store that offered supplies for janitors and regular folks as well. They had over two thousand (2000) pages on their site selling janitorial supplies ranging from dozens of different toilet paper and their dispensers, to all sorts of cleaning containers, detergents and soaps, mops, brooms, rubber gloves to recycling containers.

Another type of website is called lead gen – for lead generation. These are sites that by virtue of seo or advertising bring leads to a business that can then be followed up. A Louisiana maritime lawyer site would be a good example. By ranking well for “Louisiana maritime lawyer” a law firm could gain visibility and by including on the site a form, can gather information on potential clients. If a worker on an oil rig or other supporting vessel were injured on the job, a maritime lawyer could help make sure that the victim received appropriate compensation to cover at least their medical costs in addition to pain and suffering. An injured worker might find the website, fill out the form, in the hope of finding help. These leads are valuable since the firm knows that someone is actually looking for their expertise. In this case the attorneys had a practice in multiple states, and could respond to the leads within 24 hours to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts.

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