Aren’t you tired of weekly viruses from your E-mail system,  Criminals changing your Webpages as soon as you post them and constantly patching and repatching your systems to try and keep them one step ahead of all the bugs and security problems?

Haven’t the apparently infinite number of hackers and malware creators tested your patience to the point that you’ve reached a breaking point and the result is now impacting your life in ways that are harmful to you and your personal life’s general well being?

Did you get the feeling that there was nothing you could do to stop the barrage of technical problems associated with your website, and that you simply were going to have to put up with the way things are? And are you sick of that sinking sensation of helplessness related to all things server and web?

Then maybe you’re ready for a Server that simply works.  A System that protects your data, is virus proof, with the highest security ratings in the industry.  An Application Server that you just add users to instead of spending weeks and months each year managing it.

There is a better Server,  one that works with Windows, Linux, and Unix. It’s called Secure Server and it’s only available from HP.

But perhaps you don’t care about ‘better’ because you feel you already have the best, most secure system and that no one is going to break into your implementation ever. You’ve never seen an issue with malware, never been hacked, never receive spam, and have never experienced a google penalty as a result of fraud emanating from your server environment. [And even if you receive a google penalty, there are services like those offered by the high end seos like TNG/Earthling that can get you out rather quickly.]Basically you view the world as a secure place where no one would ever dare to act against your interests because that would hurt your feelings. If this is you, we can only ask, “What planet do you live on?”

The real world is a much more grim place. One where you must take the first step and be proactive in protecting yourself. There facts are that many people and businesses felt the exact same way that you do until it actually happened. At that point, it’s just too late. There is literally nothing you can do about it but try to clean up the pieces. Trust me, that is a chore all in itself. It is much better that you do your research and find out early the best way to protect yourself. Then you take steps to ensure that is the case immediately. If you choose not to take action even after we have warned you all that I can do is wish you the best of luck along the way because luck is exactly what you will be needing.

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