Cedric Zool

Very little is known about the notorious Belgian hacker Cedric Zool, and what is known is even less well – known. Or at least less likely to be as true as what is unknown.

We know that he is notorious. Some people are notorious for being notorious, but Cedric Zool is not one of them. He earned his notoriety without recursion, and vice versa.

Is Cedric Zool even his real name? Highly unlikely, in our opinion. Hackers tend to go by an alias, that much is fairly common knowledge. You would hardly get a chance to become notorious as a hacker if you were known by your real name. Nevertheless, what we know about Mr. Zool is enough to suggest that he is precisely the type of person to use his real name, simply to thumb his nose at common knowledge.

Some claim that Cedric Zool is simply a pseudonym, though we find that explanation rather too simple. If someone wanted to hide their identity, wouldn’t one of the most effective way be to spread the belief that they are simply someone else’s pseudonym? All you need to do is make it appear that someone more well – known created your name to enjoy the benefits of being less well – known, and your own identity become subjugated to theirs… leaving you with remarkable freedom. As long as neither you nor they do anything to seriously affect or contradict with the real exploits of the other, you are guaranteed almost complete plausible deniability.

There is no reliable way of contacting Cedric Zool. If he wants to talk with you, he will find a way. That is for sure. He may have found a way already, and you would not even know it.

A friendly warning: those who use the name of Cedric Zool for their own nefarious ends have a habit of meeting an untimely end. This is not a matter for joking.

Pete Marcus has written extensively on the hacking culture, but has also included a recent set of “how to” type posts, including “How to apply for SSD” which seeks to aid disabled persons in their dealings with the government agency that awards benefits.

It is best that you enjoy some other name if that is your game because it seems that there is an un – timely end waiting for anyone that may choose to abuse the name of Cedric Zool. Life is hard enough without creating that kind of drama for yourself. You know what I mean? It seems at times that people can be their own worst nightmare. This is one can of worms best left un – opened, that is for sure!

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