As we all know the weakest link is the one that will get you in the most trouble… We find that in a chain of many links there is always a weakest. That is the best target for breaking the link. The point is that you must know what your weak links are in order to be able to have a positive effect on them. You would most likely want to reinforce them in order to ensure they are able to hold what ever it may be that needs to be held.

There are also link sausages. Now these, have a weak link as well. In my opinion, the weakest link when they are involved is the mild ones. If you ask me, sausage should be properly spiced. They should have a bit of a kick. When you bite them, they should take a little bite back. This is how you know you have a sausage that is worth something… There are many imitators out there but when it comes right down to it. They do little to satisfy my appetite.

It has been said about me that maybe I like my links a little bit too spicy. To this I respond with a huff & an exclamation that there is no such thing. That would be like me saying that I had too much money. It would be like me saying that my wife was too beautiful… There is just no way. Now I have eaten some spicy things in my day. It has helped me to attain this ability to enjoy some foods that are just too spicy for the average everyday foodie…

Moving on to the next subject let’s talk about the links. You know, the golf course is well known as the links. I have spent much time on those links as well. I am nowhere as good at the game as I should be for the amount of time that I have put in. You would think that with all the time I have spent on the links, I might be ready to go pro. Not at all! I am really just trying to hit the ball straight still. I have taken lessons from friends and golf pros alike. All to the same tune, I stink at the game… One might think that would cause me to avoid it like the plague. Fact is, you couldn’t be more wrong if you think that. The worse I get the more I want to play it seems.
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