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They had environmentally aware “green” products, and organic janitorial supplies. Whether you had a large business with a lot of cleaning staff or a small firm with only one janitor, this e-commerce site had what you’re looking for. The building manager at our location even ordered their janitorial supplies from them!

And another favorite was a store that created signature gift baskets that were personalized for special occasions.
You name the occasion and they would create these fantastic looking gift baskets deigned to overflow with gourmet treats, fruits, and wine, or filled with cute baby things. They had everything you would need for a spa experience, gift baskets for dog lovers or cat lovers, sympathy gift baskets, get well gift baskets, and wedding gift baskets. They also catered to businesses with unbelievable luxury corporate gift baskets. Although the store promoted gorgeous gift baskets, the gift basket designs would range form actual baskets made from reeds, cork, leather, wood, or metal to box towers, stylish attache cases to a wine tote, among other shapes. Personalization with engraved wine glasses, mugs, pens, bookmarks, notebooks etc. could be added to the gift baskets. The best part of dealing with this gift basket company was that we received one of their luxury gift baskets on a number of the major holidays. The Christmas holiday season was probably the best, but Valentine’s Day came in a close second with their gift basket full of chocolates, champagne and roses. So you can see that this site is going to create a steep learning curve for us, but we are up to the challenge.

Can you imagine what a world of difference it would make if more people would share their positive emotions through the giving of gifts, like gift baskets? There are all sorts of ways to show one’s appreciation for another. When they share their feelings through such a humanitarian method it spreads like wild fire… Many people would find new considerations for peoples differences. Many people would pass that same positive show of appreciation forward to another person, or even several other people… It could be an awesome, life altering, world changing chain reaction.

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So anyway, enjoy what they did which you can, and enjoy what we’re doing as we do it. Try to enjoy gift baskets. Hopefully, before too long, we’ll all be doing stuff together and the world can live happily ever after or something!

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