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There are some very enjoyable web pages out there. I have been to many that have caught my attention for one reason or for another. There are so many that you will never have the chance to visit all of them and little would you want to none the less. Imagine if you were to spend, even a little time, on all of them. Many of them you would not understand because they are in a different language. Many you would not want to see because they contain such boring information that is of no use to anyone but the person who put it there. (that is not even always the case either. Sometimes, it’s important to nobody at all.) What about all of the content that for one reason or another you have no interest in seeing? Just imagine, you might be looking at page after page after page for the rest of your life. Even if you only look at each one for a second that adds up to be some very serious time involved for a project like that.

Thank goodness that will never happen. You have us. We have our ways of figuring out just what is right and relaying that information back to you. This way you don’t have to spend all that time looking into things that do not interest you and you have way more time for the things that do interest you. I know that this information has changed my life drastically since I have obtained it. I used to spend untold hours digging through site after site in search of content that I needed to get my hands on. Now I just have to explain the content I am looking for and there is a list of what I want to see. How much simpler could it get? Not a lot if you ask us.

It is at the very least an interesting concept, right? I mean, if it saves you just a bit of time it is worth it. I feel that one of the only truly important things that we have is our time. Don’t waste it on anyone for any reason at any time.

Free OpenVMS Licenses for Personal Use
Free OpenVMS Licenses for School and College Use
The Dallas Ft Worth Local User Group (Encompass)
Opcom’s webpage of arcane knowlege and practical science tips
John Wisniewski’s Webpage

David Cathey
David Cathey’s Webpage
DFWDAYS OpenVMS Engineering Presentations
OpenVMS Hobby
Library of OpenVMS Softwares
OpenVMS Freeware
OpenVMS Freeware CDs Online
OpenVMS kits
OpenVMS Layered Products for VAX and Alpha
DECUS SW Library 1979-Date
JRW Presentations
John Wisniewski Presentations
OpenVMS Homepage and Story

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